Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Expiration Date

We all have one.  All of our food (aside from Twinkees) has one too.  This blog has one.  I've decided that since the first post was on December 24, 2007, then my final post will be on December 24, 2011.  That will make it four years of blabbering without any sense of purpose or reason.  In a way, this is giving me a "goal" of sorts.  A point of catharsis.  Something to aim for.  If you've been reading my ramblings then you may want to stick around to see what happens between now and then.  Then again, you may decide this is all too stupid and move on.  It could also end earlier if something should happen to me (always an option), but hopefully that doesn't happen.  2011 has been an interesting year.  I'm sure it will have more interesting twists in store for us all.  We'll find out.

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