Friday, May 13, 2011

Windows Web Admin Update

I posted build 2011.05.13.001 tonight.  This is a fairly big release with quite a few changes.

I'm not going to post any new builds for at least the next week, while I'm off at Tech-Ed in Atlanta.  I will form a decision over that week as to whether it makes sense to continue this project or kill it.  I've heard from a few people over the past month, but overall it seems the only person that needs something like this is me.  I may continue working on it for my own needs, but I'm not sure it will have a place on the Internet after today.  I will decide next week and post an announcement afterwards.

What's new in 2011.05.13.001

  • Role-based Access Control
  • SCCM Collection Report updated


Role-based Access Control (or RBAC for you acronym nutballs) involves controlling access to features based on the user being in a list of specific AD user account names.  There are two lists: adds_admins, and sccm_admins.

If a user's ID is entered into the adds_admins list, they will see the "Add", "Disable", "Enable", and "Remove" buttons and links for user and group reports.  If a user is entered into the sccm_admins list, they will see the buttons for adding computers into collections, and removing computers from collections.  If a user is not in one or both groups, they can still view the report details, but won't have access to make modifications via the web interface.

The SCCM Collection report now shows any Advertisements targeted at the collection, including the Package and Program Name information.  The advertisements are cross-linked to the Advertisement details report, as is the Package to the Package details report, so everything is linked up.

Future Plans

Since I've received almost no requests for enhancements, I will follow my own needs from here on out.  So, what exactly am I saying?  I guess I'm saying it could very well go offline and return to an in-house project.  It started as an in-house incubator for other projects, which have grown as a result of borrowing pieces of WWA for other uses.  What are some features I may work on?

  • Create new SCCM Collections
  • Assign SCCM Advertisements to Collections
  • Modify Collection Properties
  • Create Packages, Programs, Advertisements
  • Reset AD User Account Passwords
  • Add and Remove Computers in AD Groups
  • Disable or Enable Computer Accounts

Ambitious?  Absolutely.  Likely?  Who knows.  As with most projects, the features that end up materializing are driven by tactical need, so the list of changes might look entirely different.

Then there's the other option: I could discover an off-the-shelf product, or another open source (or freeware) project that does this as well, or does it better.  If any of these options appear, it might spell the end of WWA entirely.  I will find out next week.  So for now, build 2011.05.13.001 is the latest and final build I will post.  It may also be the absolute last build.

DOWNLOAD WWA build 2011.05.13.001

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