Friday, May 13, 2011

Tech-Ed 2011, Moving, and Chromebook

On Sunday I'm flying out to Microsoft Tech-Ed in Atlanta, GA for the next week.  It will be an incredibly busy time I'm sure.  But it should be a fun time as well.  I've been working with software technology since 1987 with no detours at all.  I've been working primarily with Microsoft technology since about 2002 or so.  I attended four Autodesk University conferences (Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia and Las Vegas) but never a Microsoft conference.  I'm looking forward to this one very much.

On the "Moving" side, it looks like my family and I will be packing up sometime in the next few months and moving to a new place.  Still in Virginia Beach but the actual domicile is not yet determined.  Therefore, when the packing-and-moving time arrives, my blog presence may become scarce.  Just a heads-up (not that it really matters to anyone else, but just in case).

My beta edition Google Chromebook is still kicking.  And speaking of Tech-Ed: I was facing the dilemna of what to bring for taking notes and downloading files, code snippets, etc.  Either the Google Chromebook, or my wife's tiny little Asus netbook with Windows 7.  And the winner of this decision is?…… drum rolll…..   The netbook.

I just can't see myself going to a huge, no scratch that, the HUGEST, Microsoft conference of the year, and pulling out a Google product to do my evil doing.  I might get gang raped in the men's restroom or something.  Imagine being attacked by a pack of MCITP nerds?  Geez.  Just the thought makes me cringe.  So, as goofy and toy-ish the netbook may appear, it does have Windows 7 and can install my favorite code writing apps.  Chromebook lacks a means to do serious code writing, not to mention uploading photos and files from a USB thumbdrive (it has a USB slot, but no way to upload files from it), nor can I synch my podcasts from iTunes to my iPod on it. So the Windows 7 netbook is the winner for me.

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