Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Deployment Headaches

I'm trying to figure out two seemingly simple issues that are driving my blood pressure up to Mars today:

1. Why didn't Autodesk make it possible to not only disable desktop shortcuts for AutoCAD 2012 (which they did: thank you very much - much appreciated!) But also for Design Review 2012 and Inventor Fusion 2012. They did not.

2. Why does the good old MSI property ADSK_DESKTOPSHORTCUT_1 not work anymore?

I'm referring to a network deployment here (just in case I'm confusing anyone). When you create a new deployment share, there is a checkbox to enable or disable the desktop shortcut for AutoCAD, but not for ADR or IF in the same deployment. Why one and not all three?!!! Eh?!!

Then I go into the deployment INI to modify the EXE_PARAM for each to add "ADSK_DESKTOPSHORTCUT_1=0" and save the file. Does no good. Then I edit the MST (transform) to change that property also. Still does no good.

Arggg!!!!!! Teeth are gnashing! Naval cursing begins in 5... 4... 3... 2...

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