Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Lessons

This is a fantastic article by Shane Mac posted on Neil Patel's blog.  Whether you have any interest or involvement with a startup effort, or building a team or a project, this article has some fantastic tips and a great philosophy.

I'll admit, tip #2 made me wince, but I actually agree with his rationale and may change my habits as a result.  I've been pushed into so many NDA situations that I've knee-jerked into using them myself.  Then again, I don't face many VC folks, but still.  I am going to rethink it.

Tips #3 and #4 are obvious but he puts them into wording that makes it worth reading.  Tip #5, and well, oh whatever, the rest is also a great read.  I'm not sure about #10 though.  I think that depends on the nature of the application and the target audience.  Some niche situations almost demand multitasking concepts to be pushed in the customer's face.  I think, in the "grand scheme" however that this is rare.  In any case: enjoy!

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