Friday, March 11, 2011

State of the Blog

After reading the latest post by Shaan Hurley ("Between The Lines" blog) about statistics on visitors, I thought I'd try the same on my feeble scruffy little blog.  In order to even come close enough to Shaan's stats to see them with binoculars, I had to set the window of data to one year (3/11/2010 to 3/11/2011).  Here goes…

Visitor Status

13,545  total visits
75%  new visits
25%  returning visits (I scare/bore a lot of visitors away)

Top 5 Countries:

42%  United States
7%  United Kingdom
7%  Germany
4%  Canada
4%  Australia

Top 5 Operating Systems:

94%  Windows
3%  Mac OSX
1%  Linux
1%  iPhone and Other


44%  Internet Explorer
30%  Firefox
18%  Google Chrome
8%  Other

Traffic Sources:

47%  search engine leads
30%  referring sites
23%  direct traffic

Mobile Devices (visits):

62  iPhone
60  iPad
35  Blackberry
23  Android
4  iPod
2  Symbian
2  Windows Phone / Windows Mobile

5 Most popular posts:

Windows 7 MSG.exe and Group Policy
Packaging DWG TrueView 2011
Enabling Windows 7 Remote Management
What Does the AutoCAD "PURGE" Command Do?
Packaging & Deployment Autodesk 2011 Products with System Center Configuration Manager 2007

That last one is probably one of the longest titles yet.


Ho hum.  I'm more boring than even I thought I was.  I may fall asleep typing this.  Sheesh!

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