Monday, February 21, 2011

Standards Needed

Argue all you want, my ears are plugged on this one. Even my "smaller/less government" friends agree on this. Of all the things that governments stick their noses in, there are some places where they don't, but they absolutely should:

- Credit Card Swiper Boxes: No two are the same! Grocery store, gas station, movie theater, book store, auto parts, fast food. Hit the cancel button. Hit the red button. Hit the green button. Hit the credit button. Touch with finger. Point with pen. Sign. Don't sign. Can we have a f***ing standard please?!!!

- Insurance Forms: Holy shit! When you have kids (I have four) and you go to a doctor's office, a dentist, eye doctor, sports med, whatever, NO TWO have a similar form. Why?! Its the same f***ing information being asked for on all of them, yet they can't use the same form?

- Spark Plugs: Yes, I know each vehicle has different needs for spark intensity and energy level, but do they need to be different sizes? Really?!

In all of these cases, "free market" has failed miserably to establish a common, even a dominant, platform of any kind. I'm all for free market, but sometimes the kids need an adult in the room to make sure they stop goofing around.
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