Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fonts: 101

I don't care what you work on, or work with, Dreamweaver, Expression Studio, MS-Word, Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator, AutoCAD, Visio, whatever, it doesn't matter. There is one basic fundamental law of using fonts that I wish people would pay attention to..

Fonts generally work best at certain sizes. They usually do not look right at all sizes.

For example: Arial, Helvetica and Segoe look pretty good at 10pt and up. They look like shit at 5pt to 9pt. Verdana looks great at 5pt to 10pt, but looks like shit above 10pt.

STOP using the same ****ing font for all sizes! It looks amateurish and stupid. It screams out "the designer is an idiot".

Thank you!

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