Sunday, December 12, 2010

Logic Comparisons

Let me try to break this down.  As of today, this is how the "popular ethical view" shakes out…

Issue Current Status
Cigarettes Acceptable
Marijuana Unacceptable
Liquor, Wine, Beer Legal. No signature required
Advil Cold & Sinus Legal. Must show ID and sign consent form
Lottery Tickets Acceptable
Online Poker Illegal
Gays on TV Great Ratings
Gays in Military A tough sell
Government involved in Religious Endeavors Unacceptable
Religion involved in Government Endeavors Acceptable
Oil Imports from Canada* Acceptable
Oil Imports from OPEC Unfavorable
Tossing Paper Plates in Trash instead of Recycle Bin Unacceptable
Using Toilet Paper Acceptable
Social Networks Tracking our Location Unacceptable
Volunteering our Location to the Public at Large Acceptable
Saying "FUCK" in a public school classroom Unacceptable
Saying "FUCK" on a bumper sticker Protected by First Amendment
Putting your Dying Dog/Cat/Horse to "sleep" Acceptable
Putting your Dying relative to "sleep" Unacceptable
Video Cameras in stores, buses, parking lots, intersections Acceptable
Video Cameras in aircraft flight deck Unacceptable
Prime-time TV showing graphic violence Acceptable
Prime-time TV showing graphic nudity Unacceptable
* The US imports more oil from Canada than any other nation
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