Wednesday, December 8, 2010

E-book Publishing

I'm nowhere near ready to call myself an expert on this subject, nor all the tools and services involved.  The first blog I ran across that shines a lot of light on both the craft and the technology is Self-Publishing Adventure (author is "Sarah").  I highly recommend her blog to anyone thinking about getting into this as a hobby or as a serious investment of time and love.

As for tools: I've played with a few, and found some that I like and some I do not.  On the "do not" side is Adobe InDesign.  It's probably a very capable product, but I have two problems with it:

1. It's overkill for writing basic e-book content

2. It's very expensive

It does purport to convert (export) content to EPUB format however.  As for those I like (so far): Calibre, and MobiPocket Creator.  Calibre is capable of converting to multiple formats, especially EPUB (Nook, Sony Reader, Google Books), while MobiPocket Creator is aimed at PRC/MOBI formats (Amazon Kindle and a few others).  Also, the web site has a pretty interesting and fairly decent online conversion service.  If your source content is very clean and ship-shape, it can convert it very well.  Mine is not.   Then again, I'm using Microsoft Word, which seems to be hated by book publishing professionals.

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