Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book Follow-Ups

As I expected, no sooner would I get this published than I would get some corrections and reviews coming in.  This is good!  Tom Stoeckel and Dan Scales whipped out a rather interesting script to "Uninstall AutoCAD 2011" (which goes much farther into detail than my own).  Although, I may post something soon akin to this (by the way: *never* hard-code local paths or C:\ in scripts).  Anyhow, this is all good and it means progress is being made and good things are being shared.  End result:  YOU win.  This is the best outcome, right?  I think so.

One correction that came in from review is in regards to the statement on pages 23-24 in the book, about Autodesk's official stance on virtualization.  I stated, as they have published regarding 2010 products, that virtualization environments for their products (with the exception of two named situations) are prohibited by the EULA terms.  I am now told, by a credible source, that this has been relaxed for 2011 products.

What didn't make it in the book:

Some things I just didn't get done in time or flat-out overlooked, until after it was published.  These items will be posted on this blog in the coming weeks.  Some have to do with FlexLM® and FlexNet® topics.  Some have to do with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 topics.  Some have to do with mass deployments.  I think, however, that I got the bulk of what I wanted to say published.  The rest is basically embellishment or extension from that.  Anyhow, I am glad people are reading it and giving me feedback.  I really appreciate that!

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