Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy TSA Friday!

Note:  If you look back in not-too-distant history, you'll find plenty of examples where someone ended a safety study into a particular food additive, or a particular experimental drug, giving it a surprisingly unsubstantiated approval, and then suddenly takes a high-profile job within the company making those products.  It's happened at the FDA many times.  It's happened with the FAA, the NIH, the DOE, and it's practically a daily occurrence within the DoD.  And in every case: the news ignores it.  Nobody hears about it. Nobody cares.

And now it happens again with Michael Chertoff, and again: nobody (aside from Ron Paul) seems to care?  We are the dumbest fucking idiots on this planet.  We feed our kids shit that hasn't been thoroughly tested by people only looking to get a new job and bigger salary.  We hand our elderly and our babies medicines which have not been thoroughly tested, or worse: have been proven to cause known problems but are suppressed from public awareness, simply to allow some inspector or director to take a job at the pharmaceutical firm for a big raise.  Wake up!  Stop taking this shit at face value!  You have a brain.  Use it.

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