Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Visitor Analysis, part 1,047

Looking over my Google Analytics visitor stats, it’s pretty obvious what visitors to this blog are interested in, and that is technical stuff.  The articles and how-tos on packaging, scripting, technical procedures, and so on are what are out-performing the traffic numbers for all other topics.  If I were only interested in stats, I’d drop the hair-brained stuff and focus on becoming a tech-manual spewing machine.  But I’m not.  I would like to entertain and amuse for a second or two, but I’m not a writer, comedian or psychologist.

The issue is this:  I work with technology all day, every day.  I’m immersed in it.  Many varieties of it.  At work.  At home. So much that I myself cannot believe what I get myself into.  Just describing what I do over a given week to someone else makes me cringe at the thought that I’m just making shit up.  But I’m not.  Guilt, I suppose.  Over what, I don’t know.  But still, I could dry up and go techie from here on out and work on pushing my numbers higher and thump my chest in glory.  Who ****ing cares.  When I die it won’t matter.  What does matter is that I enjoy dumping my thoughts here, and I indeed have random thoughts.  Because I have a random brain that tries to multi-task way too much and way too often.  Rarely can I sit and think about one thing. In fact, while typing this I’m thinking about the book I’m reading and where I stopped to do this, and when I’ll stop this to do that.  This is getting really confusing. 

Where was I?  Oh yeah: I’m going to keep blabbering senselessly and sensefully in a back-and-forth manner.  At least for as long as I feel like it. Even if my stats show a bounce rate of 87% and average time on site of 1-2 seconds.  Whatever.  That’s long enough.  Stay tuned…

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