Thursday, September 16, 2010

Todays Question: Biker Tricks Gone Bad

So, you're driving in your 4-wheeled vehicular contraption on a nice, sunny, warm day in busy traffic.  You look to your left and you see a gang of "rice rocket" bikers holding up the cars behind them so their friend in the front has room to pop a wheelie and show off for the onlookers.  Except that his little trick ends in the back of a stopped truck.  Poor little tattooed biker dude all over the road with this little playmates standing around in a support circle.  Little pieces of motorcycle spilled all over the pavement.  And that poor truck bumper, it's, well…, it has a terrible scratch on it. Almost 3 inches long!  But you have to look real close to see it.

Do you…

A) Feel sadness and remorse

B) Stare with curious interest and fascination

C) Laugh hysterically with your head completely outside your window

D) Offer some advice for doing proper wheelies for when he recovers in a few months


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