Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Nation of Attention-Whores?

After 46 years of walking around this ball of dirt and water I've finally come to the conclusion that America is suffering from a major ailment: Insecurity.

Let me backtrack a bit.  The symptoms are everywhere.  Everyone seems to be craving attention.  From tattoos and piercings, to artificial hair coloring, to cars with strange accoutrements (think oversized wheels, paint jobs, spoilers, etc.), to loud music, pants hanging off the ass, even little things like posting our whereabouts via Gowalla, Foursquare and Latitude.  All over the place, it seems everyone wants other people to take notice.  To acknowledge their existence.  I'm guilty as well, by posting blatheringly stupid comments on a blog.

I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but I did read about them once, back in the eighth grade, so that makes me a de facto expert.  But from what I've read, or read once, a long time ago, attention craving is a symptom of insecurity.  Insecurity comes from all sorts of root causes.  Youth.  Career.  Family.  Friends (or lack thereof, of any of these), and so on.  We talk loud.  We act loud.  We dress loud.  We decorate loud.  All to over-compensate for being insecure.  About what?

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