Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet the New Boss: Same as the Old Boss?

obama_smoking[1] George_Bush[1]

I love how people open their mouths to swallow anything and everything "their party" shovels into it. They close their jaw, chew on it for a while, swallow hard, and smile with joy, maybe even begging for more shovels of shit to swallow.

So a few years ago, the Bush administration was hauled out into a tomato bashing over the AT&T eavesdropping discovery. All the left-wing nutballs went into orgasmic spasms about how the right-wing nutballs were playing big brother and invading our privacy. The NSA and FBI were lambasted but ultimately it was laid at the doorstep of the administration's zeal over post 9-11 paranoia.

Today the news is about the Obama administration pushing for new measures to make it easier for government to implement "Internet wiretaps" to eavesdrop on cell phones (even Blackberries), email, instant messages, etc. So far, not a peep from the left-wing crowd. All is good. It seems it's not what is being done, but who is doing it. It seems that the entire Federal government is now vastly, HUGELY, more trustworthy and ethical since a new figurehead arrived in town. Wow!  I’m picturing that scene from Blazing Saddles.

What a smokescreen.  Politics is nothing more than a game of shiny objects to distract the idiots from realizing they’re being fisted.  There’s nothing new here.  Same story, different faces doing the talking.

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