Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does Anyone Else See the Irony here?

Have you seen the Droid commercials on TV and on the web?  There’s one that shows the sucky-ass lame-o razor shadow dude in the fake staff meeting and he whips out his Droid to do some gnarly-ass texting on roids (get it?  Droids on Roids? heh heh…).  Then the other one with the guy watching the movie and his eye (iris actually) turns into some Kodak aperture aparatus.  I almost said asparagus, but I didn’t.  Oh yeah.

Only problem is that who decided that robotic/android/mechanized crap is somehow “superior” to human tissue?  Since when have we produce anything with the dexterity and adaptability of the human hand and fingers?  When has there ever been a camera or video receiver device that compares with the human eye?


So why the **** do we just sit back and nod in agreement when this crap airs, as if it somehow means it’s better to turn into a quasi machine?  Excuse me, but I’m sticking with good old flesh-n-blood.  I mean seriously, do you want to look at a robot in a bikini or Jenna Jameson in a bikini?  Case closed.

(by the way: no pun was intended with using “see” in the title, but it was fo-shizzle anyway, right?)

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