Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be Consistent. Don't Be Stupid

How many times have you, or someone you know, spent more than 15 seconds blasting one political party or another?  You know: "Typical Democrat!" or "Typical Republican!"  Whatever.

Based on the logic that ALL members of a political party are exactly alike, and should be treated exactly alike, and that they are people, then we can apply that same generalization to any other aspect of their humanity.

Because John Conyers is exactly the same as Jim Webb?  And Bobby Jindall is exactly the same as Ronald Reagan?  John Anderson is the same as Ron Paul too?  And you watch every vote tally for every bill as well.  Right?  So you KNOW that every member of each party ALWAYS votes along with their party.  Always.  Right?  Sure.

So, using this empirical logic, all Christians, all Jews, all Hindus, all Muslims, all Blacks, all Asians, all Whites, all Hispanics, all Women, all Men, are the same as each other in their respective demographic groups.  Exactly.  Why not?  If all Republicans are the same, and all Democrats are the same, then why aren't all Christians the same?

So, do me a favor, and the next time you feel like opening your mouth to spew something profoundly genius about how you heard something on Fox or CNN and it's clearly an example of the ____ political party, just STFU.  Maybe you can fool someone into thinking you're really smart by not opening your mouth.

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