Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Guide on How to Ruin Windows 7

I really like Daniel Petri and his web site, so don’t take this as a criticism of him or his work at all.  This is really about the people that would find this “interesting” or “useful”.

How to “Get Back the Classic Start Menu in Windows 7

Other titles for this (which I might have chosen):

  • “How to go back to wooden shoes”
  • “How to replace your car with a horse and buggy”
  • “How to cross the ocean on a raft”
  • “How to mow your lawn with a pair of sewing scissors”

Seriously, the biggest touted improvement of Windows 7 is, and has always been, the improvements made to the UI (that’s “user interface”).  Most notably: It’s cleaner, simpler and prettier.  Compare it with OSX if you want, that’s fine, who cares.  Even if they did rip off some inspiration from Apple, that’s fine also.  It’s a better overall experience.  In this case, the end justifies the means.

So anyone who wants to put the “classic” crap back in-place is intentionally ruining it.  To me this is no different than buying a famous painting and simply spray-painting over it.  Anyone who thinks this is a good idea, should be dragged from their domicile and beaten by an angry mob.

Again, Daniel is an amazing person and his work is outstanding.  His efforts serve the technology public very well.  This is not about Daniel.  It’s about the folks that would prefer to ruin a good thing.

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