Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remove DLL Register/Unregister Using PsExec


You want to register or unregister a .DLL file on a remote computer, but
you do not want to (or cannot) remote in with Carbon Copy, Remote
Desktop, etc.


Use Microsoft Sysinternals "PSEXEC" to invoke the process remotely.

  1. Download psexec.exe from and save
    it to a folder on your C: drive
  2. Open a CMD console using RunAs and your Admin-level account
  3. Collect information to get started:
            - Computer Name (remote computer)
            - Path and Name of the .DLL file
  4. Run the psexec.exe utility with the appropriate syntax...

To Register a "DllName.dll" file residing in the C:\Windows\System32
folder on "Computer1"...

Psexec \\Computer1 regsvr32 /s c:\windows\system32\dllname.dll

To Unregister the same .DLL file...

Psexec \\Computer1 regsvr32 /u /s c:\windows\system32\dllname.dll

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