Thursday, December 17, 2009

HRT Finally Speaks – and Says NOTHING at all.

Finally, a response from our good friends at HRT (those good friends that don’t answer the phone, reply to e-mails for months and pay no attention to their Twitter replies, yes, those same wonderful knuckleheads).  I should be more kind.  After all, why should I be upset with only three months waiting for a reply?


Dear: Sir


Thank you for contacting Hampton Roads Transit with your concerns.   I apologized for the late response.   We constantly strive to provide the best transportation and customer service possible for all of our passengers and the communities we serve.  On behalf of HRT management, please accept our apology if we failed to live up to your service expectations.

Our Planning Department evaluated your route suggestion.  There are no current plans on adding a route from Silver Leaf to Indian River Park and Ride.  We appreciated your concern and suggestion.  Please continue to suggest.

Your experience, safety, and patronage are our number one priority.  Please let us know if you have further concerns regarding this or other issue relative to our service.  We can be reached at (757)222-6100 or via e-mail  Thank you in advance for your continued patience.  HRT appreciates you as a customer.

Best regards

Roberto Gomez
Customer Advocate
Ext. 6070

The most important resource: people.   The most important person: the customer

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