Monday, October 5, 2009

Then and Now

Then Now
Stewardess Flight Attendant
Cockpit Flightdeck
Salesman/woman Salesperson
Actress Actor
Steel Dashboard Padded with Air Bag
Steel / Wood Steering Wheel Padded with Collapsing column
Inner Tube Bias Ply, Hub Caps Tubeless Radial, Alloy Rims
Tempered Glass Laminated Tempered Glass
Drums Disks
Manual Automatic
Leaded Unleaded
Water Ethylene Glycol
35 minutes at 400 F 5 minutes on “cook”
Personnel Dept Human Capital Management
President CEO
Dogs and Clubs Pepper Spray and Tasers
Butter Margarine
Milk Skim Milk, 1%, 2%
3 channels, Antenna 800 channels, dish or cable
2 department stores 10 dept stores, 1000 shoppes
Percolator Starbucks
Front Porch Back Patio
Bathtub Hot Tub
Hand-written Letter E-mail, Tweet
Walter Cronkite Charlie Gibson
Mike Wallace Brian Ross
Bands Dance Groups
Slingshots, BB Guns, Estes Rockets, M-80’s, Lawn Darts Team Sports
Tree Forts Bedrooms
2-Coat Plaster on Lathe on 2” x 4” studs Drywall on 1-3/4” x 3-3/4” Studs
Asbestos Shingles, Nails Vinyl Strips, Clips
Retarded Mentally Challenged
Hyper ADHD
Pay Phone Cell Phone
Janitor Custodian
Lunch Lady Food Service Technician
Trash Man Sanitation Engineer
Junior High School Middle School
Home Economics Civics
16 oz “large” 32 oz “large”
Small, Large Kids, Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo/Superize
Aspirin Aspirin, Acetominophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxin
Records MP3
Huffing Paint Drinking Monster, Red Bull
Boxing MMA
Props, Explosives, Cables, Spot Charges, Blood Packs CG
German Shepherd Pit Bull
Poodle Shitzu, Pomeranian, Bichon
Newspaper Web
Milk Man Food Lion, 7-11
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