Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comparing Chantix® to Marijuana

You may have noticed the sharp increase in side effects declarations in your favorite pharmaceutical product advertisements lately.  You may have also noticed how they carefully list the potential adverse reactions and warnings while showing pleasant, comforting scenery and playing soothing music at a volume that just barely allows the narrator to get the message out.  It meets legal requirements.  After all, I’m sure they would’ve voluntarily divulged this information without that cranky old government making them to that.  Right?

So let’s compare one popular prescription drug, Chantix® made by PfizerTM, with a popular non-prescription drug, Marijuana.  The gloves are off.  The fighters are in their corners, waiting to come out when the bell rings.  It rang.

Chantix® (1) Marijuana (2)
Changes in Behavior Changes in Behavior
Hostility Impared Coordination
Agitation Increased Heart Rate
Depressed Mood Difficulty with Memory
Suicidal Thoughts or Actions Difficulty with Problem Solving
Nausea Dopamine Receptor Stimulation (“High” sensation)
Constipation Possible Relationship with Schizophrenia
Sleep Problems Anecdotal: Lethargy
Gas Anecdotal: Increased Hunger
Vomiting Anecdotal: Difficultly with Learning
Vivid, Unusual “Strange” Dreams  
Complication Concerns for Pregnancy, Diabetes, Asthma, Blood Thinners, Kidney Dialysis  
Abnormal Sensations  
Skin Reactions (Rash, Redness, Swelling, Peeling)  
Swelling of the Throat  
Blisters in the Mouth  




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