Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bureautards Mishandling our Children’s Future

First off: what fucking stupid ass fucktard decided it was a good idea to move 6th grades up to middle school?  Is there ANY sane rationalization for moving younger kids up to mix into a larger pool of larger/older kids in this day and age?  ANY?!  Moving 9th grade up to high school isn’t as drastic of a social/demographic/developmental paradigm shift as moving barely 4 foot tall 6th grades into the 5 foot tall middle school fish bowl.  Any councelor or gym teacher, away from school property, with a few drinks in them, will gladly tell you the daily horrors of that situation.  Of course, ON the record they will only praise and vilify this grandiose profundity of MBA crack-smoking decisionfests.  Send grandma to prison while you’re at it.  Or send your 12 year old daughter off to hang out with the U.S. Marines during a sunny day at boot camp.  Exposure for the sake of exposure is not really a great idea.

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