Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today's adventure is brought to you by HRT, the solution for all your mass transit failure needs.

So, I got off work at 3:00 and strolled to the bus stop a few blocks away as I do every day.  Normally I wait around for the 3:35 bus to arrive, but today I got to the stop at 3:10 and the 3:00 bus just pulled up.  10 minutes late is not a big deal and it actually worked out good for me (I got to get a head-start by 30 minutes).  But as soon as everyone got on and paid their fare, and sat down, the driver shut the engine off, got off and went inside to go to the bathroom.

This is where it got fun.

A woman in the front of the bus freaked out and started swearing and yelling and then whipped out her cell phone to call HRT. She actually got an answer, which is amazing (HRT rarely responds to consumer feedback).  She then proceeded to unload a truckload of pent-up hormonal imbalance on the person on the other end.  10 minutes later (3:20 now) he returned, started the engine and took off like a tsunami was spotted coming over the horizon.  I mean: this guy didn't drive it like he stole it.  He drove it like he wanted to fucking destroy it!  Bouncing, swirving, speeding, fast turns and leaning.  Wow!  I think it made up for missing a whole year of Busch Gardens.

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