Thursday, September 10, 2009

iTunes 9.... That's It?! RIP

I can't believe they dragged Little Stevie Jobs from his dialysis den to make an appearance on stage to announce.... iTunes 9?! And an incremental update for iPhone and iPods? That's it?!?!! WTF?! For that much effort, why couldn't they drum up something even marginally more exciting? Maybe deliver one of those vaporware rumored pieces of crap that get hyped before every upcoming event: Tablets, HD iPods, new home media devices, an iTunes that automatically makes playlists (wow! whooda thunk it!?)

I'm over it. I'm so sick of the free pass Apple gets from the loyal goons that drank that iKoolAid. Same goes for Google. These are tough times. They ALL have to prove their worth all over again. Laurels are so passe. Even Microsoft gets that. Of all people. Even Dell? Wow. What planet is this?

I've been poking around iTunes 9 to see what's new. OMFG talk about lame. Same lame ass codebase, which isn't Windows compliant ("compatible": yes. "compliant": no). And for you Apple nutsacklickers: Since iTunes is installed on WAYTHEFUCK more Windows boxes than Mac boxes, there's no excuse on Earth for Apple to treat it like a Somali heroin addict laying in a Mogadishu saloon gutter. Hmm... I have an idea. Why doesn't Microsoft take a page from the Apple-vs-Palm playbook and make it so iTunes won't work on Windows? I would LOVE IT. The problem is, Apple can do that and everyone starts beating off with a gym sock, but if Microsoft did that, the DOJ, FBI, SEC, EU and Chinese embassy would send ninjas to deliver subpoenas within seconds.
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