Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If I were the Virginia Beach City Manager

If I had the checkbook...

- Beef up Mt Trashmore park to be worthy of the city image: a stage, more lights around the path, carnival all summer, more gardens and waterfalls, expand the skate park.

- Light rail. End of story. All the nay-sayers can just STFU.

- Add more free parking in the North beach area.

- Build a walk-over between Town Center and Pembroke Mall

- Build a walk-over crossing on Independence at Va Beach blvd

- Enforce trashy yards and unkept lawns. $100/day fine until rectified

- $5000 fine for tossing trash and cigarettes from a vehicle.

- Make all fees, fines, bills payable online within the same web site and using a common login.

- Increase DUI fines

- Push for more stringent enforcement of wreckless driving.

- Hold all public meetings after 6pm. You know, after us working folk are off work

- Fine drivers for loud music. Add an RIAA fee for "public performance" also.

- Deduct salary from public school coaches who can't manage teams to win at least one game

- Fine local TV weather folks for each blown forecast. Make them apologize to the public on camera from an auditorium packed with school kids.

- Require city council to rotate jobs and work with every dept in the city. Must work the lowest level job available.

- Replace Pembroke Mall with something like Stone Point Mall (Richmond)

- Make HRT improve their half-assed bus service

- Buy Fort Story and convert it into a city park, including the beach.
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