Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Microsoft Can Get Customers to Upgrade IE

Lot's of talk about how Microsoft continues to walk an ever-narrowing fine line between supporting legacy crap and trying to move "forward" at the same time.  One of the issues commonly cited is how to handle sluggish corporate customers, who resist moving off of IE6.  Most corporate environments are driven by bottom line issues.  Things like deployment and support costs, interruptions, and security vulnerability derivatives.  The former two can be addressed by the usual slathering of corporate marketing schmooze and goo.  The last item, security, can be hit on the head like a hammer on a nail:  Drop support for IE6 entirely.  Tell customers: "Too bad.  If you want patches and security updates, upgrade to the current version."  End of story.  Sure, they'll bitch.  They'll moan.  But they'll move.  What's funny is that I would bet the GDP of Zimbabwe that if Apple told customers the same thing for one of their products, oh wait, they already have.  Well, never mind then.
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