Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cranium Drainium 13 - Obtuse Ramblings

Listening to TWiT episode 180 with Leo LePorte, and I can't believe how well Jason Calcanis does a Christopher Walken impersonation.  I laughed so damn hard.  He does a fair Jerry Seinfeld also.  Even though his Dvorak skit is really awful, it is hysterical.  How is babby formed, indeed. :)

I checked out the new Google Latitude on my Blackberry.  It's so-so.  The accuracy is no better than Google Maps, especially around my house because I'm exactly (within 100 feet) half-way between two cell sites, so the location flip-flops continuously every five seconds.  Annoying as hell.  Almost nobody I know is someone I really want to follow around anyway, and I'm certain nobody gives a shit where I am, so I just wanted to see how it works.  Interesting.  But not very useful for me.

According to Bloomberg, Americans have shed 522,000 jobs in the month of January alone.  Things are going great, aren't they?

The press incorrectly blabbered that Obama has signed an order to" close Gitmo".  They should do some fact-checking before reporting crap.  The same goes for news about pulling troops out of Iraq.  The number 40,000 comes to mind.

MacWorld (aka CrackWorld) is reporting a headline that says Apple commands a 10 percent marketshare.  Absolute bullshit.  Even their first paragraph disqualifies the entire premise.  They base it on web stats.  As if that's any indication of anything at all.  They used to report factual information.  Those days are gone.

2009 appears to be the year of the Netbook.  Yet Microsoft doesn't seem too eager to chase it just yet.  So far, HP, Dell, Intel, AMD and nearly every portable vendor from Acer, ASUS, MSI, Toshiba, Sony, and more are going eagerly in that direction.  Interestingly enough, the only other major vendor not going down that road yet is Apple.  I would love an MSI Wind loaded with Ubuntu or Windows 7 actually.

Music I'm listending to this week:  Alice in Chains, Chris Botti, Andy McKee, Angels and Airwaves, David Gilmour, and Salif Keita

Recreation: An ancient PC game, DemonStar.  After you tweak the input controls for a mouse, it rocks.  I also loaded it on my mediacenter PC linked to the flat panel TV and it's a blast to play from the couch using a wireless mouse.  Good times.

Weather forecast for Virginia Beach is 20 degrees tonight, 34 tomorrow, 24 tomorrow night and up into the mid 60's this weekend.  Crazy.
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