Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 General Computer Tips

These are purely self-generated suggestions based on my own personal experiences.  Actual results may vary.  Batteries not included.  Kids: get your parents permission.

1) If you ever get a virus on your computer: Format the hard drive and reload everything clean from scratch.  Do not bother trying to "clean" your computer, it's impossible to garantee it will be 100% "clean" afterwards.  Rootkits make that impossible to garantee.  Just wipe and reload it.

2) Always install a second hard drive or attach a USB external drive to store all of your working files (documents, pictures, music, movies, etc.)

3) If you have kids, get them a separate computer.  Don't let them use yours.  Don't join their computer to any shared environment (workgroup, domain or home group, etc.)

4) If you use a wireless network, lock it down.  Don't ever use it in "out of the box" configuration.

5) Use at least two (2) web browsers enough to be familiar with them.
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