Friday, January 9, 2009

iTouch or iFeel? Stevie Wants More

Stevie Wonder is back in the news. He's raising concerns over the "touch" concept being adopted by mobile device manufacturers. Why? Because if you're blind, you can't do crap with the interface. At least with an old-fashioned keypad, you can feel your way around the buttons and manage to type out an e-mail. I wonder if anyone thought about this when the concept was being brainstormed early on? I seriously doubt it. With all the emphasis in technology on "accessibility" features, it seems odd that this just goes completely contrary to that direction. Sort of a "sorry, we're going in another direction" moment I suppose. Oh well, unless Apple can figure out how to make the touch screen actually raise tactile bumps I don't see any alternative than telling blind folks to keep buying keypad smartphones.
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