Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Angry Geeks: LINQtoSQL vs EF

From what I've read it seems there's growing resentment at Microsoft's decision to discontinue further investment into LINQtoSQL and instead moving to Entity Framework in .NET 4.0.  The article in Redmond Developer magazine by Jeffrey Schwartz brings up an interesting thought:  What happens when any number of customers invest their time into something that the vendor then decides to simply kill?  I'm not talking about migrating to something else, as with VB6 to VB.NET. I'm talking about terminating it.  Microsoft did start the ball rolling some months ago at PDC.  But even with repeated indications of this, some are still upset.

It would have seemed unlikely until now, to me anyway.  According to the article, there are a sizable number of customers, some large, who have put a lot of time and funding into enterprise applications using LINQtoSQL.  One is the Nebraska Dept. of Roads.  But the pressure is on to migrate technology into ADO.NET using EF, along with IBM, Oracle and other industry groups.  What if suddenly, Microsoft were to say "Sorry, but no more WMI."?  (you will know who the geeks are when they gasp in horror at that thought).  The ground may not be as firm as we once thought.
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