Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanks for Nothing

I discovered a few e-mails in my inbox recently from deposed senators and congressmen (congresspeople?) who were dumped in the most-recent election.  They appear to be from the same cookie-cutter template, rife with "thank-you" comments for "allowing" them to serve me for all this time.  Thinking back, the only elected official to have ever replied to anything I sent was Jim Webb.  It was of course a standard form letter reply, nothing unusual.

My reply to these e-mails should have been "Thank you for ignoring all my e-mails and phone calls during the entire time you supposedly served *me*."  I'm sleeping like a baby knowing I helped dump the chumps this year.  However, I'm fully aware that it's not usually a good prospect.  As the The Who once said: Meet the New Boss.  Same as the Old Boss.
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