Monday, November 10, 2008

School Systems Suck Scholastically

My trip to Richmond last weekend was interesting in itself, but I learned that my nephews enjoy a relatively modernized school system compared to our so-called state-of-the-art program here in Virginia Beach. VB schools are actually pretty good compared to most other school systems, but that's a subjective thing obviously. However, objectively speaking, VB schools could really use a dose of technology in the space between the schools and homes. Richmond schools employ email and web portals for everything. Homework, grades, progress reports, report cards, upcoming events, parent/teacher conferences, absentee check-in, you name it. Not here in VB. They do some of these things electronically, but most of it is still paper. I've been asking for years. YEARS. Why they don't make it easier for kids to get their homework online from home, and for parents to be able to see what's going and to review grades and assignments, etc. The future is taking too damn long to get here.
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