Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dumb Maps and Dumb Planning

Want to see something stoopidly stoopider than stoopid? Search Google Maps for "southern blvd, virginia beach, virginia 23451"

This will open the door to some relatively minor but embarrassingly dumb issues.

First, it will place the marker on "Norfolk Ave", not directly on Southern Blvd, which is west of that.

Second, there are at least eight (yes, 8, count them yourself) separate isolated sections of (disconnected) roads name "Southern Blvd" within Virginia Beach.

God help you if you have to call 9-11 for help and you give them an address on "Southern Blvd"

Retarded. It's 2008. Rename the roads to make sense. Holy crap!

This is far dumber than the intersection of W 4th Street and W 11th Street in New York City. Trust me, that is true. I've been there. Why don't we just name all roads the same and rely on GPS coordinates to find places? That would save money. Geez.

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