Thursday, October 2, 2008

The New Hotmail Rocks - but NOT for Chrome (bummer)

Talk about a diabolical trade-off.

Prior to the recent upgrade of Windows Live Hotmail (formerly "Hotmail", which is what everyone still refers to it as), you could open it in Google Chrome.  It would warn you that your browser wasn't recognized, but it still offered you a "proceed to Hotmail anyway" link and it worked just fine.  Granted, it was still uglier-than-crap Hotmail, but it worked.

The new upgrade puts a long-overdue prettier UI on the whole shindig and it does indeed make things nicer.  The menu system is cleaner.  The fonts are easier to read.  The whole thing is better, BUT. . .  You can do everything within Chrome except compose or reply to an email.  That's right.  The editor for some reason won't render the main message text box (textarea form object) to let you type anything into it.   That really sucks.  You can still delete messages and move them around and organize things, just no composing or typing.
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