Thursday, October 2, 2008

Municipal Disintegration Frustration

So, get this, the garbage collector comes around last Thursday as usual.  Run by the wonderful City of Virginia Beach, they have standard container picker-upper trucks that go around and lift our containers up in the air and dump into the top opening of the truck upside down and put them back.  Only this time they bashed our can down so hard that it broke off one of the wheels.  The guy clearly sees this happen and moves on without any concern.  We call the city and ask about what to do and they tell us "you can drive down to the department of public works and pick up a replacement wheel".  I asked why they couldnt' just drop another wheel off when they come around the next week and was told "we don't do that."  So, basically they won't drop off replacement wheels but they'll be glad to break your container free of charge (well, actually, that's not really free either).
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