Sunday, October 12, 2008

Evolution: The Unanswered Question

Don't freak out and think I'm going to start arguing in support of creationist versus evolution crap.  Actually, what I personally believe is a mix.  I think something of ethereal powers lit the match that sparked the fire of life but that they intended for it to evolve after that.  There.  I've either confused two opposing groups or pissed them both off at the same time.  Job well done.

What really urks the crap out of me however is that every single TV show I've seen on "nature", the narrator eventually says something like the following:  "The spiney toad of Argentina evolved to grow special ridges along its back as a defense mechanism".

Oh yeah?  How exactly do you intentional "evolve" to grow anything?!   I need a third arm.  I'll just evolve one.  Bullshit!  They always toss that out there and walk on to the next sentence as if there weren't any possible questions raised about the previous sentence.   Every time I hear the narrator describe how some deep sea creature "evolved" a light-emitting tentacle to see in the darkness, I want to reach through the screen and smack him.
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