Friday, September 12, 2008

Kean Walmsley Inteviews John Walker of Autodesk fame

For many of you this will not mean much or make sense, but for anyone like myself who has spent years (YEARS) working with, playing with, customizing and supporting AutoCAD you should check this out. Kean Walmsley is a long-time Autodesk developer, living and working in the UK.

Kean maintains a fantastic blog that focuses on various aspects of developing software capabilities on top of Autodesk platforms (AutoCAD, Inventor, etc) using .NET and other technologies. Fascinating stuff, to me at least. I actually met Kean once years ago at Autodesk University and was impressed by his vast knowledge yet humble personality.

So Kean explains this well enough that I don't need to, so you can see for yourself. The interview covers part 1 of what will be a multi-part interview posting, which gets into the origins of AutoCAD, how Autodesk was created and the early part of it's history. Very interesting stuff.
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