Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is LinkedIn really of any value to career planning?

I've had a Linked In profile for a long time, and every so often I update it with whatever needs to be updated.  But I was curious about why I even bother.  I have yet to hear of anyone ever getting a job as a direct (or even indirect) use of Linked In.  It seems more and more like an ego-stroking service actually.  

Maybe I'm only one of a few that thinks this way, but I can't really see much value to it.  This isn't a new perception either, there are others of similar view such as Brian Tucker's blog post on this same topic.  I mean, it's nice that people post recommendations for others, and that you can essentially construct a rather decent resume with it, but I have never seen or heard of an employer looking at Linked In profiles for job considerations.

I'm seriously considering just taking it down.  Anyone have any experiences that indicate this would be a wrong decision?
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