Monday, September 1, 2008

iTunes 8

I've heard, seen, read, etc. quite a few rumors that Apple will announce iTunes 8 in September, along with the release of some newer iPod models. I hope this is true, and I hope they actually re-write iTunes 8 to make it a worthy application. I'm sorry, but iTunes just flat-out SUCKS. It's a piece of shit. A crappy library manager and a crappy single-threaded stone-aged crapware product.

Even Microsoft writes a native Office suite for Apple. Maybe Apple could come down off their holier-than-thou cloud for a few minutes to write a native iTunes for Windows Vista. I doubt that. Apple wouldn't soil their shoes walking on Windows turf, even though all the figures I've seen indicate that the VAST majority of iTunes (and iPod) customers use Windows.

Given that iTunes is like a boat anchor for anyone using an iPod (or Apple TV), it would be nice if they could cut us some slack rather than expecting us all to throw out our HP or Dell computers and go pay much more for a Mac, just so we can say we're using Apple end-to-end. What a stupid idea. When I get to the point where I can throw away money like that I will build a Koi pond instead.
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