Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Election 2008: The Election that Couldn't Get Any Worse, But Did Anyway

Every four years I seem to ask myself the same question: "Can the choices get any worse?" And four years later they always do. I'm about to bail on the whole voting thing. I can't stomach either candidate. I'm getting so numb to the same rhetoric and all the "I'm going to ___" and "I have a plan" speeches. All promises - Zero delivery. This year they're not even telling us their plans. Sure, everyone swears they know what the plan is, for both "candidates", but I've not seen anything beyond "I'm going to fix ____", "I'm going to create jobs" or "I'm going to make the world love America again", blah blah. Yet nothing tangible or specific about "HOW" ever.

The last election that I actually felt like I had confidence in who was running was 1980 when Reagan ran against Carter. It was a shoe-in, and even the Democrats knew it. Carter meant well, and he was a nice guy and all that (even with his drunk brother and disfunctional background that ensued from that), but his leadership skills were seriously doubted by the public in general. Reagan was pretty much a given. Ever since then, it's been a choice of lesser of two evils (or more accurately: lesser of who is disliked most).

9 of 10 Americans couldn't list five platform items for either candidate in detail. They'll rattle off abortion, gun control and, oh wait, those don't matter any more. Now it's energy policy, to drill or not. Reducing foreign oil dependence and making the world a more peacefull place (for America to build strip malls, Starbucks and McDonald's throughout). Yet nobody I've met can give a detailed explanation of specific ideas or plans that either candidate has in those areas (or any areas whatsoever). The answer is usually out of frustration at searching for significance, and not finding any, they knee-jerk and say something ass-wipingly stupid like "He's just going to make things better" or "He's about CHANGE".

Change what? Change how? Change where? Tell me? I just want to know.

Neither candidate will commit to that because it boxes them in and puts them on the record for something they KNOW they cannot hope to deliver on later.

So, I have two choices really: pull a lever with my eyes closed, or stay home. I'm seriously considering the latter. Bad example for my kids, I know. But I put it this way... If you have a choice between a living with a bucket of manure, or a bucket of urine, or neither, which would you choose?

I think in fifty years from now, the choice for who will be president will end up being another network TV show like Dancing with the Stars. People will call in to vote (or SMS or online). They may not have anything inside their skulls but I'm sure they'll look attractive and have a great smile. After all, that's all that matters anymore.
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