Friday, September 5, 2008

Chrome: Additional Thoughts

Ok, I'm officially in love with Chrome now.  So are my kids.  My wife hates anything that even smells like "change" on her desktop, but even she is getting to like it now.

I have noticed two interesting characteristics about Chrome, at least in the current "beta" build:

1. It does not offer a Gmail link feature like you get with the Google Toolbar in Firefox.  You know, when you click on a "mailto:" tag and you can have it open Gmail to compose the email, rather than letting Windows launch the default mail application (Windows Mail, Outlook Express, etc).  There's also no option to control form auto-fill, nor a built-in spell-checker with dictionary management.

2. The installation is PER USER, not per machine.  I've only encountered this on my one XP desktop.  I installed it under my login, with local admin rights.  My son also has local admin rights, but there's NO TRACE of it anywhere on his profile.  I can't even make a shortcut for it, because the executable resides under MY profile folder tree only.  It does not install under ProgramFiles.  I have to re-install it for each user.  While this is good for circumventing Windows Vista's UAC protection, it's also a bit of a pain.
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