Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smoke on The Water, Fire in the Sky

I just finished my 5 mile, as-fast-as-I-can-go-in-as-high-of-a-gear-as-possible-for-me bike ride at 4:25 PM local time. The winds are blowing hard near my house and the nearby park trail. Blowing 92 degree wind with a crappy dose of burning wood smoke from the still-burning fires in NC. just south of us. Not as thick as it has been, but enough to make it difficult to ignore it when you're gasping for air.

The upside of this is that smoke in the atmosphere can make for a nice sunset. Cheap excuse I agree, but it's probably the ONLY positive outcome of something like that.

I spent most of the morning sipping coffee and YouTubing, as my son calls it. Once in a while, I will plop down on the sofa and fire up the AppleTV to go surfing YouTube and Podcasts for something new. Something different. Today was mostly about chasing obscure musicians that I have always liked. Many of whom spent time at the University of FZ (if you know what that implies you're in). People like Ruth Underwood, Adrien Belew, Vinnie Colaiuta, Terry Bozzio, Eric Marienthal and John Pattitucci to name a few. But I also spent a lot of time watching classic George Carlin clips. This one here is one of my favorites and I agree with him 110 percent:

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