Monday, June 30, 2008

FUD doesn't just survive, it Thrives!

The OS weenies are so entrenched it's like asking a lunchroom table of Kindergartener's to voluntarily give up their Twinkees for a can of brussel sprouts. Vista or OSX or Linux. Like, if you say something negative, regardless of being factual or not, invites flaming and hateful responses from any of these camps of half-brained idiots.

Paul Thurrott was drawn out to fight a losing battle as he tries to defend the merits of Vista against someone else's post spraying non-factual FUD comments. It's a waste of time. Vista is suffering from technical problems. It suffers from Microsoft's poor handling of it in general. Marketing, vendor partnerships, licensing, pricing, and corporate stewardship efforts have all been handled about as well as we've handled the Iraq/Afghanistan mess.

I still maintain that all software is crap and lives within a continuous state of refinement and updating. It's ALL BETA when you get down to it. If it were to stop changing then it could become firmware, right? That's what Babbage had in mind with the term "Soft"+"Ware" after all. But what really gets me is how the general perception is that software is somehow organic and results from natural forces. "It" is how we refer to it. As if "it" has a life and conciousness of "its" own. Wrong! Software is created by humans. And while the soul of software has eroded horribly in the past 10 years, it still remains a human creation. Humans are flawed. Terribly flawed. So the axiom flows likewise.

Operating Systems all are great, and yet they all suck too.
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