Friday, June 27, 2008

Divergent Paths of Technology

Simultaneously aiming at the home (and SOHO) while talking up "cloud" computing services. We're seeing more home-based horsepower like the Maxtor 1TB NAS for $329, the Drobo, Windows Home Server, and tools like Apple's Time Capsule. But there's also the big push for cloud services like Microsoft's Live SkyDrive, Office Live WorkSpaces, Apple's .MAC services, Google's Docs and Spreadsheets (and Gears), Amazon's S3, and online backup services like Symantec 360 and EMC's Mozy.

The real question is whether one of these directions will win out, or will they coexist indefinitely. Also, if one would win out: when?

While mobile devices seem to be striving for greater storage capacity and longer battery life, cloud services are pitching a reverse option of requiring less on the local device. This just seems like the industry (tech and gadgets) are either (a) hedging their bets on the prospects of WiMax and wireless broadband pervasiveness in general, or (b) just doing their own thing, ignoring what the other side is doing. Hmmm.
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