Wednesday, April 23, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Views (SQL with Fries and a Pepsi)

If you use System Center Configuration Manager 2007 or 2012, and you like to drink beer and play with firearms and flammable substances, and things like SQL Server Management Studio, well, I have no clue what you're thinking about.  Just kidding.  There are three places I can promise you I can spend a lot of time, calmly perusing the landscape:

  • A Lowe's or Home Depot store (preferrably on a slow, week night)
  • The beer section of a store like Total Wine
  • SQL Server Management Studio and a System Center Configuration Manager site database
The first two are not at all surprising.  Almost any guy that lives near a big hardware store or beer store is in the same boat (apologies to any recovering alcoholics out there).  But the third is my personal weakness.  In days long past, it would have been supplanted by a good Lego kit, a stack of Marvel comic books, or a pile of Revell model kits or Estes rocket kits.  These days, crossing the 50 year milestone, it's become more geeky.  Sure, I love me some good woodworking projects (I just finished a badass bench swing in my backyard, all done by hand, no power tools. p-shaaaa!)

My favorite database views?
  • v_Advertisement
  • v_Collection
  • v_Package
  • v_GS_Computer_System
  • v_R_System
  • v_GS_Installed_Software_Categorized
  • v_GS_System_Enclosure
  • Any of the v_CM_COLL_XXXXXXXX collection views
Of course, I really dig poking around the site-related views, boundaries, discoveries, metering, etc.  As well as the operating system views, x86 memory stuff, collected files, software products and so on.

The saddest part of this?  I rattled those off from my pointy head, without being anywhere near access to the tables or views.  That's how deep they've become ingrained in my squishy skull.

If you're as twisted as I am, open SQL Management Studio, right-click on the Views section and create a new View.  Drag in some of the ones named above and link on ResourceID (or MachineID for some), and start exploring what kinds of cool things you can build on your own.  Data is like Lego's to me now.

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