Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Walking the Walk

Quick post before I unplug and go comatose for the evening:  Tomorrow, when you get to work (or if you're in a different time zone and it's daylight right now) try this on:

  1. Write down all of the key functions your IT group performs.  AD accounts, software deployment, patching, server provisioning, backups, storage management, cloud integration, etc. whatever.  List them out.
  2. Identify the role(s) which relate to each of them:  Account Managers, App Packagers, App Deployers, Server Managers, Cloud Administrators, etc. whatever.
  3. Assign actual names to those roles.
  4. Compare that mapping with reality.  Grade yourself on a 100 point scale by checking off how many roles/people are actually assigned accordingly with what you are already doing today.

Let me know your score, what scale your environment is (small, medium, ginormous, etc.) and which country you're based out of.  Just curious how we all rate ourselves.


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