Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Miscellaneous Nerd Notes after a Busy Day at Work

These are just reminders.  Today was a rocky start and a smooth ending.  Assisted by a relaxing conversation with a long-time colleague (and all-around nice guy), followed by a run around the neighborhood and a cold Belgian Ale to cool down.  Some of these may seem obvious to some of you, but they are just reminders for my own feeble brain cells.

The "RuleSet" property for the Configuration Manager SWBEM Collection direct-rule interface property expects a client "name", not a ResourceID.

Make sure your functions return values properly.

There is no such thing as too much error checking.

Remoting is good.  Whether it's PowerShell, Sysinternals, or throwing a heavy object at the butthead in the next cube.

Colleagues that consistently shout out "___ is broken." without providing the usual, necessary, and requisite details about "what", "where" and "when", deserve a good choking.

The Office 2013 default UI is pretty, but too cluttered and poorly organized.

The downloads for SQL Server Express 2012 and SSMS for x64 are stupidly confusing and not linked very well on the MS downloads site.

As soon as a social app says it's going to "monetize" it usually means it smells fear from their own staff.

When it snows in Virginia, drivers turn the asshole knob to "max".

Web apps rock.  Building them is fun.  Using them is rewarding, especially when you build them to solve real problems you face every day.

Listen to the entire problem before responding.  Ask questions before spewing directions.

Cats can't eat as much chicken as they think they can.  The results usually end up on the floor in the early morning.
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