Sunday, September 8, 2013

Exam 2013-0824 - Software Packaging, Repackaging and Deployment

The following exam consists of 5 questions pertaining to the field of "software repackaging and deployment" within a Microsoft Windows environment.  Each question may have one or more answers (multiple choice).  You have 15 minutes to complete it.  Good luck!

1. You've been assigned a request ticket to repackage and deploy a product to several computers within your network environment.  The ticket states that there are no binaries from which to build the package, and you must contact the vendor to continue.  You call the vendor and state your objectives.  The vendor replies that you cannot have a copy of their binaries because they don't trust anyone to handle them without pirating them, and that only they can perform installations for each computer.

Which of the following should be your first choice of action?

A. Reach through the phone and bitch-slap the representative with both hands.
B. Laugh hysterically and tell them to "never mind", because you already downloaded a copy from Pirate Bay.
C. Hang up. Close the ticket with a comment stating the vendor is on cheap drugs.
D. All the above.

2. You deployed a bootstrap package to execute a "per-user" installation of a product which was originally packaged as a "Click-Once" installer, onto a group of Windows 7 computers.  You are now told to remove that application and install a different application.  You discover that many of the target computers were shared among multiple users, who each launched the installer and have used it extensively.

Which should you do first?

A. Hire a hitman to kill the vendor.
B. Hire two hitmen and a hitwoman to kill the vendor.
C. Start smoking heavily.  If you already smoke, then smoke more heavily.
D. Look for a job outside of the IT world.

3. Your manager makes a comment during a staff meeting to the effect that "all MSI package installation deployments are the same, and simple as dirt!".  You should...

A. Remain motionless while thinking of your family, starving and crying at home around the bare dinner table, because you reacted properly and choked that person out, instead of ignoring it.
B. Ask the person, "so, when are you taking that job on by yourself?"
C. Yawn and continue working on your Fantasy Football roster from your mobile phone.
D. All of the above, in any order you desire.

4. A different manager insists that virtualization is the cure-all for deploying and managing client applications.

A. You raise your eyebrows.
B. You raise your eyebrows.
C. You raise your eyebrows again.
D. All of the above.

5. Which of the following command syntax examples will install the "fubar2014.msi" package, apply a transform named "tarfu.mst" during the installation, capture the log output into the user's "temp" data folder, do all of this silently, and keep your coffee warm throughout:

A. msiexec /i fubar2014.msi /qn TRANSFORMS=tarfu.mst /l* %temp%\fubar2014.log
B. msiexec /i fubar2014.msi /qb! TRANSFORMS=tarfu.mst /l* %appdata%\fubar.log
C. msiexec /install fubar2014 /quiet /norestart TRANSFORMS=tarfu.mst /lvao %appdata%\fubar.log
D. None of the above.

Be honest, did you scroll down here first and cheat?  Seriously? I hope not.  That would be even worse than failing it without cheating.


1. D
2. C
3. D
4. D
5. D

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